Visit to Maryland Environmental Services by Tigray Delegation

by Dr Kindeya Gebrehiwot, August 1, 2016; Washington, DC:
The Tigray Regional Government delegation led by Ambassador Dr Addisalem Balema is on official tour to the USA. The delegation visited today the Maryland Environmental Service with a focus on partnership on water management systems and new technologies.

Amb Dr Addisalem stressed that water is a priority and a crucial element in the industrial development effort of Tigray/ Ethiopia.  He overemphasized the need for cooperation on Water, Waste Mangement and sanitation and new technologies that would enable efficient use of those resources.
Other organizations working on water related areas also joined the meeting and showed interest to work with the delegation, and even to the extent of piloting some of the new project ideas in Tigray.
One of the organizations presented a prototype water treatment technology using nano technology. This successful engagement will continue tomorrow and stay tuned!
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