UTNA 42nd annual conference concluded successfully

Washington DC, August 4, 2016; Tigray Festival 2016 day #2 update

The 42nd UTNA annual conference conducted in the presence of representatives from UTNA chapters across North America was graced by the presence of high level delegation from Tigray regional government and officials from the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Conference participants deliberated on various reports and presentations. Strengthening existing UTNA chapters and establishing new ones has been the chief task of the organization for this year. To this effect, an encouraging result has been registered resulting in adding new members and established new UTNA chapters.

Conference participants also heard UTNA auditors’ report.  In their report,  UTNA Auditors acknowledged the encouraging results achieved in membership drive. Meantime the auditors recommended a better follow up be done on new members in retaining them. UTNA auditors’ report also encouraged UTNA executive committee to stay alert and voice public sentiments when major events affecting the lives of Ethiopian citizens take place.

An investment team that was tasked to study investment opportunities in Ethiopia presented feasibility studies which point to promising investment outlooks. The presentation was followed by question and answer which helped participants to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the investment recommendation made by the team.

Delegation from Tigray regional government led by Dr. Addisalem Balema (Ph.D) which attended the UTNA annual conference as part of their North America tour, applauded the initiatives taken by UTNA members on investment and promised to extend necessary support. The delegation also praised UTNA’s long standing contribution to the people of Tigray and Ethiopia at large, during the armed struggle and after.

A team that has been mandated to work on media matters also made presentation on the importance of news media. Part of the focus is to strengthen UTNA.org in becoming a reliable news source. The media team called on relevant bodies in Diaspora and within Ethiopia to join hands in establishing a new media that can serve as the voice of the people helping them achieving their constitutional rights and contribute in the ongoing image building of our country, Ethiopia.

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