Two industrial parks to be readied by February

The Industrial Parks Development Corporation said that the Kombolcha and Makalle industrial parks will be ready for companies in two months.
Corporation Deputy CEO Amare Asgedom said the construction of factory shades in the two industrial parks will be completed in February. “Basements for the construction of shades in Makalle and Kombolcha industrial parks have been completed and fabrication process is in progress to ultimately deliver the shades to investors,” he said.

Upon going operational, the parks which consume 250 million USD will create jobs for over 50,000 people, he added.

Meanwhile, preparations have been finalized to begin construction of the Adama and Dire Dawa industrial parks while construction of Jimma, Aysha, Ararti, Debre Birhan and Bahir Dar industrial parkswill also start this year with government finance.
“The construction of Adama and Dire Dawa industrial parks will start soon and is expected to be completed in June,” he added._
Similarly, the construction of Bole Lemi Phase II and Kilinto industrial parks to be built with World Bank loan will begin in a month time, he said.

The industrial parks are housing factories engaged in medical equipment products, agro-processing, textiles and garment, heavy machinery and electrical equipment as well as construction, home and office equipment products. “Some 70-80 percent of the factory shades is allotted for textile, garment and apparel sector and the remaining for pharmaceuticals, electronics, food processing and machinery equipment, among others,” Amare said._
By building industrial parks with 2 million square meter factory shades, the government is planning to create 200,000 jobs annually, he added.

Apart from engagement in the construction of the industrial parks, the government is also working to lure prospective investors. It is also encouraging local companies involve in such grand investment undertakings, as 15 -20 percent of the shades would be set aside for them.

The government allocated over one billion USD for the construction of industrial parks in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) period to increase the share of manufacturing sector to the GDP, which for many years stood at only 0.5 percent.
Building industrial parks is a step towards realizing the country’s vision of becoming African manufacturing hub.

Source: Ethiopian Press Agency

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