Tigray State Delegation Concluded Fruitful Meeting in New York

By Amanuel Reda; New York City: (August 17, 2016):

Officials led by Ayte Alem Gebrewahid, TPLF political office director and member of the EPRDF politburo traveled to New York City and met with the Ethiopian community members in the city and the vicinity on August 16, 2016 and discussed on a range of national and regional matters.

In the discussion that was commenced at 6PM and continued until after 11PM, a member of the delegation presented a power-point supported charts on the overall accomplishments of the state including economy, agriculture, education, clean water delivery, road construction, health services, good governances, investment, tourism, corruption and democracy in Tigray.

Following the presented charts participants raised questions pertained to the presented subjects and others, and the director, Ayte Alem Gebrewahid, gave detailed answers. He affirmed to the shortcomings and promised swift legal actions. The director added the policies of the Tigray state are part and parcel of the national policy of the Federal Government and cited current opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, investment, industry and other prospects to the diaspora community.

Participants raised questions mostly focused on or around good governances and bureaucracy, improving the Public Relation of the region, education and its delivery qualities, agriculture and water use, peace, security and democracy, the unabated hostile acts of HGDF/Shabia, industry, service and mining and others matters.

The discussion continued after dinner was served in the same zeal and openness, and participants were elated by the clarity and openness of the answers.

The delegates promised to heed to creative ideas emanate from the diaspora and foster continued work relation, on investment, health, technology, education and other development focus areas.

Before concluding the successful meeting, Aite Alem Gebrewahid and his delegation acknowledge and revered the concern and patriotic feeling of the diaspora towards Ethiopia, called on to further strengthen the long lived unity of the people on just causes and appreciated the New York City community.

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