Tigrai Speaks!

Tigrai_Speaks: Our foreign friends, the grand demonstration going on in Mekelle city of Tigrai region is raising the following core points:  by Nahusenay Belay

1. Respect the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

2. Stop ethnically motivated selective prosecution and race hunt of Tigrayans.

3. Identity and Boundary questions shall be addressed Constitutionally, not by the unconstitutional Commission.

4. Stop the intervention of foreign powers. Tigrai will never retreat or surrender from its fight against the meddling of foreign elements in our politics.

5. We shall never knell down to the conspiracy aiming to destroy Tigrai and its people.

6. Rule of Law shall be asserted and prevail everywhere.

7. Let the court deliver justice. Media’s doesn’t have the right to do so.

7. Our history is history of continual struggle and glorious victories, REMEMBER THIS!

8. If the country we created doesn’t respect us, we would be forced to built a new one that respects Tegaru!

We strongly support the position and statement of our regional government.

10. We will never forget the sacrifice and the objective of our martyrs. We shall follow their footsteps. Eternal Glory to our beloved Martyrs!

11. Victory to the People!

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