The high level Tigray Delegation public meeting in Las Vegas 10 Aug 2016

By Kindeya Gebrehiwot (Ph.D); Las Vegas, NV:

After a warm welcome by the organizers of the meeting, the high level Tigray delegation led by Amb Dr Addisalem Balema presented GTP performance and plan of Tigray.

During the presentation, achievements, prevailing challenges and opportunities were highlighted. Among the challenges mentioned were shortage of financial resources, implementation capacity, drought, unemployment, quality of services and problems of good governance. However it had been noted that those challenges can be overcome through public engagement including the diaspora. In the presentation, the role of diaspora in investment, manufacturing, Technolgy transfer, national image building, among other things was emphasized.

The participatants of the meeting raised issues related to quality of infrastructure and social services, good governance, security, Ethio-Eritrean situation, unemployment and migration, housing scheme for diaspora, tax, diaspora professional contribution, democracy, ADLI and industrialization, FDI & investment, industrial parks, agro-processing and role of universities in research. The participants specifically appreciated the government and the people for averting the effects of the recent drought (the worst drought in the last 50 years) that would, otherwise, have huge human casualties.

The delegation, appreciating aired concerns, provided explanation and answers to the raised issues. Amb Dr Addisalem Balema stressed that the government will continue such public engagement and discourse, and noted that we all should work closely for the betterment of our region and country. The discussion was candid and forward looking. A similar discussion with the public was also held in Denver.  The delegation will continue to have similar public discussions in other cities in the USA in the coming days.

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