President Obama praises Ethiopia during his last official visit to the UN

by Alula Solomon & Leul Yohannes – New York (September 21, 2016)

On his last official visit to the UN yesterday, Obama not only made it clear what his position is with regards to Ethiopia but also displayed his heartfelt gratitude to the country for their out-sized assistance with the refugee crisis and for the generous accommodation of refugees despite being resource-strapped.

As we all know, the refugees come from neighboring countries like Eritrea, Somalia and S. Sudan where there’s a great deal of turmoil, oppression and genocide.

Meanwhile, the Diaspora clowns who claim to stand against “genocide” and “oppression” and for “democracy” can be found dancing in the rain at Capitol Hill while simultaneously spewing childish insults at leaders of the United States and Ethiopian government who are actually working hard, fast and hand-in-hand to PREVENT turmoil, to prevent genocide and to end oppression where it exists.

Obama stands for peace and prosperity. His understanding of the issues in Africa are not mere history lessons, or a country report from the State Dept, or an op-ed from a fault-finder dissent. It is analytical. It is contextual. It is based on facts. It is not skin-deep or emotional.

A fact-free, single-paragraph petition by a nameless critic is not going to change – much less compromise – America’s foreign policy towards its most important African ally in the fight against terrorism, support of refugees and peace-keeping mission.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can stop embarrassing yourself.
We stand with the US, Ethiopia and all partners who believe in global peace, security and prosperity. We also stand with those who rely exclusively on facts (see facts below).

• Top contributor to global peacekeeping missions
• Leader in regional and international diplomacy
• Recently elected as non permanent member of the UN security council
• Leader in connecting east Africa through infrastructure network to achieve regional economic integration
• Home to the African Union Head Quarter and biggest refugee recipient in Africa (mainly from Eritrea, Somalia and S. Sudan)
• Building the biggest hydropower dam in Africa
• Africa’s voice in the battle against global climate change
• Example in promoting renewable energy and green economy
• One of the leading and successful countries in the fight against terrorism
• Owns the largest and best airline in Africa, which is also the biggest client of Boeing, US aircraft manufacturer

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