Tigray Delegation held a public discussion in Washington DC

Washingron, DC – August 7, 2016

Tigray Festival 2016 celebration continued on Saturday, August 6th covering public meeting with high level delegation from Tigray.

As part of festival Tigray 2016 in Washington DC, the high level delegation of Tigray held a discussion with the public at Washington DC. The delegation made a presentation about growth and transformation plan achievements and challenges in Tigray.

Attendants of the public conference raised issues related to overall development, good governance, tax, infrastructure, security, border issues, among other things. Dr Addisalem Balema & Ato Alem Gebrewahid appreciated the public for openly raising issues of concern. Both leaders stressed that such concern of the public emanate because of the wish for the betterment of our country and our people. After clarifying and addressing questions raised, Dr Addisalem Balema reminded the audience that the secret of our success is our unity, continuous & constructive engagement with the public.

He has finally underlined that we all should all work in unison for achieving our grand vision and mission, and maintain our time-tested values. The delegation also attended the colorful music show of the festival in Washington.


Below is a pictural report of the public meeting.


image image image







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