Nebelet Town Gets a Complete Comprehensive High School and More!


Aigaforum 11-15-15

The regional government of Tigrai has been allocating a huge chunk of its yearly budget on education. With the help of individuals and organizations like TDA it has managed to build and open elementary schools every other few kilometers all over Tigrai. The success of such campaign is now causing heavy burden on the existing High Schools. Most High Schools are now crowded and the need to open more is straining regional budgets. Realizing such shortcomings individuals and organizations are building more High Schools to mitigate the burden on existing schools. One individual who happens to build a complete Preparatory High school is Getachew Woldu. Getachew Woldu is a very successful Real State Developer. He built the high school in Nebelet town where he was born and raised. He built the school at a cost of over 15 million birr following his own older brother Tekelebrhan Ambaye’s example, the pioneer to build the only high school for 9 and 10 graders some 13 years ago, making it the only high school in the town of Nebelet.

The town of Nebelet is situated in Northern Ethiopia, Tigrai region. It is believed to be one of the ancient towns in Ethiopia. Thanks to Tekelebrhan Ambaye local 9th and 10th grade students were relieved from travelling some 30 KM to the nearest high school. Tekelebrhan built the school some 13 years ago while he was a struggling contractor. Unlike the junior high school students, senior high school students were not spared from travelling 30 Km to attend 11th and 12th grade. That is until now! Thanks to Getachew Weldu students from Nebelet and surrounding areas will not have to travel far away to complete their high school!

With Deputy Tigrai President Dr. AddisAlem Balema, Education Bureau head Gobezay Woldeargay and Zonal and District officials present the school was inaugurated on November 15, 2015. Dr. Balema appreciated Getachew Woldu for his generosity and reminded the thousands of Embasneyti residents that although the state government is doing all it can to expand education, deeds like Getachew Woldu and Tekelebrhan will not go unnoticed. He thanked the Woldu family for becoming development partners. Ato Gobezay also appreciated Getachew for finishing the preparatory school and pledged his office will do its best to maintain the school. Both officials asked the thousands of students to take advantage of Getachew’s kindness and study hard to become doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs.

The story of Getachew and Tekelebrhan has also emboldened others! Well-to-do business people originally from the area have pledged to build a Library and a Hospital. Ato Tarekgen Gizaw who never set foot to Nebelet before pledged to build a Hospital. Ato Hagos head of Tigrai Health Bureau was at hand to lay the corner stone.

Ato Berhan Woldu who is the brother of Tekelebrhan and Getachew also pledged to build a complete public Library. The corner stone was laid in the presence of Dr. Balema, and Ato Gobezay.

Central Zone administrator Ato Mikeale and Weri Lehe administrator Ato Samson recognized the Woldu family for their kindness and for becoming development partners of the region.

The inaugural ceremony was well attended by the people of Nebelet and surrounding areas.

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