BY Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa

Majority citizens of any country do love and do care about the welfare of their country. Ethiopians are not an exception to this phenomenon. By and large, Ethiopians from within and the Diaspora express their love and care for their country in good and in bad times. They have demonstrated their love and affection to their country of origin time and time again when the country faced environmental as well as manmade tribulations. Ethiopians from within and the Diaspora stood against foreign aggressions and helped their people when there was need of their help. Ethiopians also rejoiced during national victories both in battle field against aggressors and in the peaceful battle i.e. in sports mainly in athletics.

Whereas majority of Ethiopians share a sense of belongingness, affiliation and affection to their mother land, few others have not been in the same wagon; instead, they were either indifferent or showed just the opposite. As there are many good, gentle, honorable and heroic Ethiopians who care for their country and wish their country peace, stability and prosperity, there are also those who care less about anything. In fact, there are those who made it their number one priority to defame, hurt and create lawlessness and anarchy and to oppose anything done in the country simply for the sake of it. Whereas many Ethiopians preach peace, few others advance violence within their own country of origin. While many Ethiopians advocate and work for development, few others press on confusion, provocation and destruction towards their own country and their own people. While many caring Ethiopians talk, write and advertise a language of peace, stability, prosperity, cooperation and development via their newspapers, web-sites and any available media outlets, few others work very hard on fabricating news and confusing the public at large with propagandas and unfounded innuendoes. They even go as low as campaigning to stop international assistance necessary to the development endeavor of their country and their people. Their main instruments in advancing their sinister activities are the different media outlets based on foreign countries mainly in North America. Those few toxic media outlets have been champions of deception, sources of bias, and un-ethical propaganda. They have been tools of spreading hatred, racism and chauvinism in an unimaginable scale. They have been playing a major role in poisoning innocent Ethiopians from within and the Diaspora with their pathological lies.

It is very clear that Ethiopians have passed through unimaginable scale of conflicts, wars and other man-made and environmental upheaval during the former brutal military dictatorship. It is also clear that Ethiopians have had enough of difficulties and hardships and they are saying enough is enough; they want to live in peace and harmony. Further, they are saying that they want to improve their lives by getting rid of poverty and underdevelopment and most importantly, they are saying that they want peace because without peace they say, there is no development. Ethiopians know very well that their ancestors lived in peace with each other despite their linguistic, religious or any other differences; therefore they want exactly the same for them and their children. They also want to share the benefits this country has to offer equally and not be discriminated against because of their race, religion and any other backgrounds. Most of all, they do not want to go back to chauvinistic mentality which is simply obsolete, outdated and buried. On the other hand, Ethiopians particularly those from within are currently busy doing constructive activities in order to change not only the image of the country but also to transform their country for the better. They are fighting poverty, disease and underdevelopment. They are determined that they can and will bring economic development and prosperity to their country. On the other hand however, few bad seeds using media outlets based on foreign land and abusing tax-payers money on the one hand and which are funded by Red Terror architects and the likes on the other hand are doing exactly the opposite. Those media out lets are poisoning innocent Ethiopians from within and the Diaspora with their fabricated innuendos and unfounded propaganda almost on a daily basis. They are simply racist web sites because they are advocating hate and racism in order to create division and violence amongst people of the same nation. Instead of adhering to the fundamental principles of journalism which is to spread unbiased and balanced news, this tabloid websites have concentrated upon a one sided propaganda. In a sense, they are crying on behalf of the terrorist groups and their master: the Shabia regime of Asmara and other inherent enemies of our nation.

These mercenaries must comprehend that the Ethiopia of today is one that people live together equally and in harmony sharing the benefits equally. It is a country that human beings are respected not because they belong to such and such ethnic groups, races, or religious denominations etc. but simply because they are all Ethiopians. They must know that people in a present Ethiopia are masters of their destiny. They have all the right to live and lead their lives anywhere and anyway they want. They have the right to govern themselves and use their own native languages not only for communication, but also for administrative and educational matters and not imposed upon them by some Shabia servants from somewhere. These few people who are daily busy defaming our nation using tabloid media outlets from their sanctuary in North America and Europe must learn to verify their news before they post them. They must learn to balance and not act as an agent of some remnants of the defeated Dergue, members, the rougue regime of Asmara and of some terrorist groups and servants of our inherent enemies.

On the other hand however, it is not too late for these tabloid web-sites to learn from their tragic mistakes and do the right thing and the right thing is simple and clear. They must start to comprehend that Ethiopia belongs to all Nations and Nationalities and Peoples. Chauvinist mentality can never work in Ethiopia anymore and they and their followers and advocates will never put themselves on the top of the Ethiopian people because Ethiopians have told them enough is enough. Therefore, they must stop becoming an architect and advocate of hate and violence and start becoming a source of unity, and an advocate of peace, stability and prosperity. They must contribute their share in advancing proper, balanced and knowledge based information. They have to stop becoming a sole agent of Shabia and other terrorist groups working against our peoples’ national interest. They must stop planting the seeds of hate, racism, chauvinism, violence and destruction. There is a famous saying that goes like:this: “you can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool many people many times”. They may have fooled some people sometime; however, their time is running-out now and they are running out of gas. It is time therefore, that this tabloid media stop playing with fire. It is wise to come to senses and reflect something positive for once. It is not too late to focus on something constructive that can do well to the public at large. To start with, they can stop confusing the public at large with their tabloid journalism. Further they can embark on knowledge based information that may help the public at large. By doing so, they can benefit the society by posting on their web-sites balanced, non-biased and factual information. This can also enhance their own reputation and attract more customers. One more advice is if they cannot do that, it may be better for them to consider the following: Instead of assisting few remnants of the Derg, the rouge regime of Asmara and few terrorist groups such as OLF, ONLF, Genbot-7 and the likes at their back yard, it is better for them to publicly join them because their media outlets are simply becoming the reflection of the media outlets of the above mentioned.

How long are they going to defame their own people, their own country; how long are they going to side with the inherent enemies of their own people, of their own nation; how long are they going to poison, to divide innocent people, their own people, with biased, unfounded and tenuous propaganda. Aren’t they too old to do such pathetic and outrageous things. Please come to your senses. It is not too late to get back and do the right thing and the right thing is to share your education, your skill and experience to help your people and your nation. Our ancestors kept this beautiful nation with pride and dignity. Do not betray their wonderful legacy by being mercenaries.

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