Festival Tigray continues with TDA , Investement and Youth Event

Alpha Negari( August 2, 2017) . Festival Tigray in Las Vegas is still going on with full energy and had successfully completed TDA , Investment and Youth event . The August 1 event started with TDA North America conference in which all TDA chapters and all TDA supporter attendee exchanged ideas and forward looking plans to help support the needs of people in Tigray . In addition, TDA and UTNA has signed MOU with TDA director Dr. Tadele Hagos to build school in Tigray, Dedebit . The TDA event was followed by investment conference and presentation of Blackbee share company click here to visit the blackbee website(Blackbee share company) which is established a year ago by mobilizing 142 Ethiopian diaspora,the founding member’s number has increased since then.The executive board of Blackbee share company presented their business plan and the potential business sectors they are picked based on the feasibility study done by the company . The Blackbee share company invited all Ethiopians to be part of the investment , to subscribe and to buy shares .Following the investment conference , the Youth event goes all night . The Tegaru youth which came from different states of North America has elected their new board members to lead the the youth Tegaru association in North America.The Beauty show which represents all Tigray’s custom cloths were part of the event. The youth Tegaru association also gave award who has done extra ordinary work to help succeed the event . Film director Berhane Nigussie is one of the guests who was awarded by the Youth Tegaru association . The youth night was on till 4:00 a.m. next day with music artists. Source: Alphanegari

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