Ethiopian Americans from the Tigrai Community in the Bay Area established an Ad-hoc Advocacy Group

September 25, 2016 (San Jose CA): The Tigrean community in the Bay Area, California has been disturbed  ever since the flare up of the civil disturbance in Ethiopia. The disturbance in some part of the country has been clearly hijacked by extreme elements and much of the damage being done has been targeted at Tigrean nationality. Many members of the community are recent first generation immigrants and have a very close relationship with their relatives back home, thus they are deeply affected by the incidents.

The community condemns such barbaric act in no uncertain term.

After discussing the incident in depth, meeting participants decided to establish a strong advocacy group. The purpose of the advocacy group is to fight and defend the rights of the community members,  defend any attack based on their identity,  and,  the  rights of all the people of Ethiopia’s  nations and nationalities anywhere in the western world.

The meeting created an ad-hoc committee to discuss and communicate with similar groups in the area and nationwide to establish an international umbrella of advocacy group with a clear mission of defending Tigreans and other nations and nationalities based  as the need arises.

As you all know Ethiopia’s current government is structured as a federal system where nation and nationalities are  recognized, thereby group rights is enshrined in the constitution.

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