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Adwa Pan-African University cornerstone ceremony



Democracy is a matter of survival and not a matter of choice in almost all developing nations; much so in Africa and certainly this fact is true here in our country Ethiopia. This fundamental right has been well identified by the current government of Ethiopia and it has been priority number one of this government since it came to power. Read the full article

Instead of a wall, an open door: Why Ethiopia welcomes an enemy’s refugees


When Yordanos and her two young children slipped safely across the Mereb riverbed between Eritrea and Ethiopia late one recent night, they thought the worst of their journey into exile was over. The smuggler had done his job, and they were safely over the border. Open to read the article

Research outcome of languages academy in Tigray

Open to read the document.

“ምስ ህዝቢ ምርኻብ ፍርቂ መንገዲ ዓወት‘ዩ”

Abay Weldu

“… ገፅ መራሕትና ካብ ዘይንርኢ፣ ንመራሕትና ካብ እንናፍቖም ዳርጋ 20 ዓመታት ኣቚፂርና፡፡  ናብ ከባቢና ሓንቲ መኪና እንተመፂኣ ኣንታ መን‘ኮን ሒዛ መፂኣ? እናበልና ብሃንቀውታ ነመዓዱ፡፡  ሎሚ ድሕሪ 20 ዓመት ምስ መራሒ ውድብና፣ ኣመሓዳሪ ትግራይ ተጋዳላይ ኣባይ ወልዱ ዓይኒ ንዓይኒ ስለዘረኣአየና ታሕጓስና ወሰን የብሉን፡፡ ድልየትና፣ ሃንቀውታና እዚ ስለዝነበረ፡፡ …”  Read the full article

ዘተ ምሁራት ኣብ ስርዓት ፌደራሊዝም ኢትዮጵያ

GERD chief engineer Smegnew Bekele’s presentation in Mekelle

Video Part 2:

ትግራይ ቲንክ ታንክ ተጣይሹ፣ ስራሕ ጀሚሩ

From Barriers to Bridges: Transforming The Ethiopia-Kenya Border Region


An innovative, comprehensive and integrated cross-border programme initiated by the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments, in partnership with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the United Nations (UN) is changing this narrative. Read more

Enheed – Connecting Ethiopian-Canadian youths with their homeland


I want young Ethiopian-Canadians to learn, as I learned, that it is often not enough to inherit stories from our elders about our ancestral homelands; we benefit so greatly from visiting these places, living in them, breathing the air of these profound lands. We can create our own ties to our ancestors and find a sense of how we might contribute to the growth and beauty of a country whose legacies we already carry in our blood. Read more.