The Quest of the Time

by Woyin Woyanay

I am tired of being tagged by brothers and sisters on facebook who react to past unfortunate events in nostalgic ways. To the most part, such feelings are stemmed out of misunderstanding the underpinning goal, arduous nature of the struggle, and its primary source of strength and the unavoidable natural law on the living. Progressive ideas are not formed only on a bright, witty individual but on a group of people who possess far reaching shared explainable beliefs. So, the beloved Meles was the product of the chivalrous Woyane, by that, the EPRDF institution, all of his comrades and the people. When faced with such adverse mournful circumstances, the self-liberating route is to pucker zeal and stand for higher cause.

Throughout history, the “selective few” has always been the very force to originate refined visions that preludes to the better outcome of the larger society. But still all of those people and their infectious mind, succumb to the natural laws, like anyone else and it is us – the living – that have to continue the inestimable work. Scientific revolution was, for instance, the work of few genius individuals such as Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543), Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and many others. Some of those people with the best minds of the time were maligned, defamed and trialed by the establishment, but eventually their hard work endured and changed mankind.

The same is true to people of reason (enlightenment) such as Francis Bacon (1561–1626), Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650), John Locke (1632 – 1704), and many more. In their quest to combat the Dark Age dogmas and replace it by scientific and logical codes, they defied the establishment but ultimately prevailed. One shared individual quality those highly acclaimed individuals possessed was the clarity, consistency and strength of the ideas and evidence based approaches they presented to sway the conscious mind and then the larger society.

The late beloved PM Meles Zenawi, shared the same individual attributes not only in identifying the underpinning base to the centuries old social maladies, but also by providing the best possible alternatives to solve them. Further he was magnanimous and retained superb communication skills with the best and the mediocre. The now famed intonation “our primary enemy is poverty” was originally stated by the visionary Meles. That refined catchphrase alone differentiates him markedly from past Ethiopian leaders, some of whom were hot headed rulers with appetite to use force to quell grievances. When we see the state of Mengistu era Ethiopia and the dark moments that followed its fall, engaging the seventeen armed groups and soothing them to earn their trust and convincing them to stay under a unit requires splendid political and personal skills. And the beloved Meles had both.

Imagine! Change is not easy, among others – it requires making intrinsic behavioral changes. The poorer and diverse the society is – the harder the challenge becomes to provide needs and rights. In spite of the observable and impressive individual and leadership qualities the Derg/ESEPA riff raffs and affiliates have been steadfastly slandering and defaming the name of this noble leader. And yet, he never considered them as enemy but described them as the product of the preceded unenlightened governances and its root cause poverty. One has to compare and contrast EPRDF’s stated belief that underscores “poverty” as the chief enemy of the people of Ethiopia to the age old mottos of past leaders used to say to fully grasp the priority and focus of “people-focus” governments.

The approaches PM Meles and his government pursued was not an easy path but the lesser ill among the worse choices. There was NO third option at the time, and leaders have to use whatever is at their disposal, move forward from where they are and the way they could to meet the needs of the people.

It is essential, therefore, to come to term by being cognizant that all people – including those with the best mind and vision – passes away. So, in spite of feeling gloomy, those with the best interest of seeing a prosperous democratic Ethiopia should focus on endeavoring to write yet another chapter into the long history of the republic.

Further, patriotic Ethiopians should not be discouraged or lose hope in realizing prosperous republic by hearing and reading the unceasing hate towards noble Ethiopians, particularly Tegarus. ONE ENDURING TRUTH the haters resort to attack using vile statements against the valiant Woyane is the role it played as part of the progressive forces of the time to remove the maniac Derg. In addition to that, the runaway haters know well enough Woyane has strong mass base, is loyal to the constitution, respects the will of the people and possesses organizational ironclad democratic principle.

While it is illogical and because of that impossible to climb two trees ubiquitously, the hater runaways double dip by making shameful statements to quench their insatiable thirst. Although humble and openhanded, the people are fully aware of the endless madness.
Many of the hateful forces we hear barking and clamoring are the offcuts of that old Ethiopia, and their prime focus is NOT democracy or the interest of Ethiopia but attaining power by any means necessary. In many ways their political behavior is reminiscent to that of the defeated barbaric Derg and their convenient tool is misusing democratic tents. Yeah, Ethiopians are eagerly waiting Jeffersonian democracy from Kassa Kebede and Zewdalem Kebede.

The people of Ethiopia/Eritrea have suffered enough by Mengistu right hands and ESEPA member runaway personalities who are deficient of human values. Those runaways including Dawit Wolegiorghis and 100 Aleqa Sisay Agena, are trying to accomplish using their mouths from afar what they had repeatedly tried at the place and utterly failed. Their other cyber caricatures who use pseudo names to spew veils against noble people are prime examples to attest they are indeed the very antidotes to Ethiopian betterment.

As they are amenable to the old unitary Ethiopia, and feel unstated entitlement to rule over the rest, they have resorted into making the same dreadful diatribes and besmirched allegations to entice emotion.
Many of the forces were defeated in the actual battle fields, and later in the peaceful democratic peripheries inside the country, but still, they have continued their hostile acts to sabotages the development.
In order to secure the best interest of the country, meeting and addressing the quest of the time is a must.

The pursuit of the time all patriotic people ought to do is remaining firm to the people focus creed and to the all-inclusive national development of the republic. Goal oriented people should learn from selfless leaders who summon solace and strength for the wellness of the people. Hence, there should not be sorrow or discouragement when seeing hiccups here and there but animate spirits and galvanize resources around the time fitting shared goals to defeat the main enemy (poverty).

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